Nurse Delivered Consults

Free Nurse Puppy/Kitten checks:

Getting a new puppy or kitten is such an exciting time. But with an array of conflicting information around, it's hard to know what the best thing is for your new family member. Our friendly nurses will talk you through the maze and tailor a healthcare plan that suits you and your new fur baby. We will also give them a nose-to-tail checkup and answer any questions that may have arisen.


Nutrition consults:

Does your pet struggle with their waistline? We are here to help!

Our caring nurses will help you navigate through the confusing world of pet foods and help you choose which one is ideal for your best friend. We will calculate how much food your pet needs to be fed and give advice on how to incorporate treats into your pet's diet so they don't miss out!

Basic behaviour

Behaviour problems are one of the biggest reasons pets are surrendered to shelters. We want to help reduce this by offering basic behavioral advice. We will help with basic training and behavioral issues such as jumping, boredom and pulling on the lead. We will work out the best walking aid for your dog, be it a Gentle Leader or Balance Harness, fit it correctly and organize follow up visits to check on your progress. We can also advise if your pet's particular problem needs further investigation or referral to a vet.

Parasite advice and treatment

Administering worming and flea treatment to your pet can be a headache! Our nurses will tailor an individual parasite program to your pet and give them their treatment for you. They will even get a treat once they are finished!

Dental checks

Does your pet have smelly breath? One of our friendly nurses can assess your pet's mouth and give you a customized estimate for any dental treatment required. They will then detail what is involved when we clean your pet's teeth, including routine blood tests, fluids, pain relief, the procedure itself and home care afterwards. We will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and address any concerns you might have before booking it in for you.

Dental home care

It is so important to keep your pet's teeth clean at home after a dental clean. Our skilled nurses will show you the best ways to keep your pet's teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh. We will even show you how to brush your pet's teeth!