Our Team


Dr. Richard Blair - Veterinarian

Dr Dick, as he is affectionately known, graduated from Melbourne University on 16 December 1984 with his Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Hailing from the countryside of Tallangatta and following his passion for working with horses, he spent several years working in mixed practice before settling down in Geelong and opening this practice on Monday 5 November 1990. Nowadays a snapshot of a typical day for him includes consulting and surgery here at the clinic, managing a farming property and being bossed around by the nurses. Busy boy! Dr. Richard has a particular interest in all things orthopaedic.

He's a sucker for Burmese cats, loves his Labradors Minnie and Maddy (and of course their Great Dane x Ridgeback lapdog Lilli), and if you barrack for his beloved Hawks, you will never shut him up. Monday mornings here during AFL season are interesting to say the least...


Lisa Blair - Practice Manager

Although born and bred in 'Cat Land', Lisa set off to Melbourne to chase an Arts Degree at Melbourne University. Instead she became more interested in chasing a young man by the name of Richard Blair who lived at the residential college too. Her focus quickly moved from study to love and before long they were in wedded bliss and moving to Albury where Richard began his veterinary career as Dr Blair. Hopes and dreams of owning their own little business and starting a family brought them back to Lisa's home town and the Belmont Vet Centre was born.
Almost 25 years on and Lisa still has the toughest job of all: keeping Richard in line!! She is also our beloved practice manager. She is well and truly the driving force behind our dedicated team. She has a great vision about where our centre is heading and is always encouraging and supporting our further education in every way.
She recently received a scholarship to study Practice Management which she completed late last year
Back at the clinic Lisa's favourite pastime is upsetting small electrical appliances, "windexing" the answering machine or jamming paper shredders, printers, photocopiers, laboratory equipment... We love her for it, though! Its a good laugh!


Dr. Maria Zubiria - Veterinarian

Maria moved to Australia from Spain in 1993 having already studied and practiced as a vet then got her qualifications recognized in Australia in 1995 through the National Veterinary Exam.

Maria has been with us now for many years and is one of our senior vets.

She is a huge contributor to our clinic.

She has a wealth of knowledge and keen interest in rabbits and it is her dream to one day own a Flemish Giant of her very own. She also owns two cats, Beltza and Tab, 3 free range chickens, a Bull Arab named Georgie and a cheeky galah named Dougie.

She is also our resident behaviour guru.

Maria's hobbies include reading and hiking / camping with her husband and two kids.


Dr. Lucy Malotsis - Veterinarian

Lucy graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2013.

After a sea change down to Geelong from Greensborough she is loving everything the area has to offer.

She has keen interests in client communications and cardiology.

With her family dogs staying behind in Melbourne she is focusing all her love and attention on fiance Nathan's dog, "Sammy" a Staffy X Rotti.

She has her heart set on rescuing an elderly Staffy or Greyhound when the timing is right.

Lucy loves dining out, travelling and spending time with friends and family.


Laura H - Veterinary Nurse

Laura has been with us since December 2010.

Whilst working in hospitality and completing her Certificate II in Animal Studies, she discovered her true passion was working with animals.

She has since completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, and was crowned the Hills Vet Nurse of the Year in 2013!

Laura is our Community Outreach liason, and loves to get all the clinic out and about and involved in local charity events and causes. She is the driving force behind the Kitten Adoption Program and has a passion for rehoming furbabies in need.

After wanting a Pug for her entire life she now has a little smoosh face of her very own named "Pickle".
She shares her house with her fiance Tony's dog "Spud" the Swedish Vallhund and their 5 guinea pigs - the "Spice Girls" - "saffron, nutmeg, sage and clove" and "Caper" her boy.


Shelley - Veterinary Nurse

Shelley is one of our most experienced nurses, having been with us for over 10 years.

She now works part-time so she can spend time looking after her two young children, Frankie and Oliver. Her other family members are Splinter the Jack Russell, two cats Brain and Olive and her partner Anthony.

Shelley grew up in Point Lonsdale and has lived on the coast for a number of years.

Shelley knows the clinic inside and out and is always a calming force in the clinic. Her laid-back attitude is extremely infectious and all the team get so excited when they know she is rostered on.

Outside the clinic, she enjoys any free time her children will allow, walking Splinter on the beach and lots of outdoor activites with her family.


Peta - Client Relations

Peta is the first face you see when you arrive at the BVC.

Hailing from her home town of Shepparton she is enjoying the sea change down here in Geelong.

She is the mum of a little Maltese Shitzu named "Snoopy" who goes with her everywhere.

In her spare time she is a student at Deakin Uni studying to become a teacher.

She also enjoys reading, writing and taking Snoopy for a walk on the beach.


Treina M - Veterinary Nurse

Triena joined the team in 2015.

After finishing a double degree of Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Commerce and working in Human Resources, Treina decided on a complete career change- Veterinary Nursing, where she graduated with her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2016.

She has many a fur baby in her life, having recently adopted a ginger kitten appropriately named ‘Weasley’, the two have fast become inseparable and Weasley has fast become family to her family dogs ‘Bonnie’ the Jack Russell, Pepper the Miniature Dachshund and Dudley the Chihuahua.

Outside of life surrounded by her fur babies, she enjoys travel, reading and coffee dates with friends.


Bronwynne - Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Bronwynne or “Bron” as she is affectionately known around the clinic, started with us at the end of 2015.

She is currently undertaking her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the Gordon.

She also recently became foster mum come adoptive mum to one of our Kittens from our Kitten Adoption Program. Little “Bambi” came to us at 4weeks old with 3 other siblings. So when the time for Bambi to find a home of his own, Bron was there with open arms.

Bambi joined her other furbaby at home “Lilly” the Staffy and both were soon fast friends.

Bron is our resident Vegan, she also enjoys Polish dancing, catching up with friends and spending as much time with her fur babies as possible.